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SprintDesign® is a provider of custom designed Cycling and Tri gear, are based in Western Australia and have a highly skilled team of innovative designers who create these exciting and unique designs.
Our mission is to provide premium quality garments, individually designed artwork, superior service and products at as affordable a price as possible.

The serious cyclist understands the need for cycling gear to hug the body and fit snugly in order to be more aerodynamic - when you are stood up and walking around in some gear such as skin suits or wind vests you should find the chest a little tighter than usual, but when you assume the riding position you find the fit is perfect and you don't have any fabric "bunching up" under your chin, which is exactly as it should be; the size charts we have here on our website are for a snug or race fit, if you require a looser fit please take this into consideration, check out our size charts here and if you have any queries about sizing email us.
We offer small sizes from little kids XS up to Adult 6XL sizing in the cycling tops, tees and polos and the jerseys jackets and nicks come in short (W), regular (R) and longer lengths (P) - eg: if you buy a jersey make sure that it fits in the chest and then select the best length for your fit

For the recreational cyclist who isn't too worried about being so aerodynamic, a looser fit is often preferred, and so it might be that such riders will choose bigger sizes for that extra comfort; with that in mind, we have created our cycle jerseys and fleece jackets in 3 lengths - Regular(r), Long(p), Short(w).Longer length is a better fit for those cyclists who are tall and slim but need Extra Large length, or may just have a long body - alternately, shorter length jerseys are better suited for those people who are not as tall but have a big chest, such as body builders and swimmers for instance, who might need a Large chest but a Medium length, or for recreational cyclists who enjoy more of a "comfort fit"

We have also catered for those riders with longer or shorter legs; we have created our cycle nicks in 3 lengths -Regular(r), Long(p), Short(w), so if you are long in the body and have long legs then the longer length nicks may be a better fit for you, and if you have short legs then the shorter length nicks may be just the thing!

We use couriers such as DHL, TNT and UPS, and so we can deliver goods to any country which they operate in - couriers cannot deliver to a PO Box so we need your street address when you place your order

Cost of shipping is calculated by PayPal - usually $10.00 for 1 or 2 garments to anywhere in the world - you can see how much the shipping will cost at time of placing your order (once you enter the PayPal Store), so you can confirm it before finalising payment.

We have NO minimum order requirement, so if you see a garment you like you can just order ONE - simply click on the image/design of your choice to see more info, and click again until you enter the shopping cart so you can select the garment of your choice in your size, and place your order

For only $30 per placement per Logo/Name you can personalise any one of our retail designs from the CycleWear Store, Expat Store (Flags)or the Just Jerseys with your Logo or Name.
In order to qualify for the "personalised retail design pricing" the design used must be "as-is", unchanged except for the addition of your Logo/Name, which means all the SprintDesign® logos must remain and design changes are not included in the price, so we have to get it right first time

So, if you want to create your own personalised retail design simply follow these steps:

  1. place an order online using the shopping cart, and mention you want to personalise the garment in the PayPal® notes
  2. use the Contact Form to send us your VECTOR EPS logos or Name in text and specific instructions for placement so we can send you an invoice for the personalised artwork.
    There are no design changes with personalised retail so we need your instructions to be clear so we can get it right first time and logo artwork needs to be sent as vector eps files so they are scaleable and hold the correct color information - if using a name with text, we need the color you want the text to be, pick from our Color Chart if you don't have a color chart, the actual size you want the text to be (in cm) on the garment and the exact placement of the text on the garment. When we have your artwork and instructions we send you an invoice, cleared payment in full for personalised retail orders is needed before the order can be processed
  3. Once the logo invoice is paid we create a sketch using your instructions for the garments from your order, and prepare the artwork for manufacture
  4. On completion of the design you will be sent a private web link for your information - if at this stage you want to make any alterations there will be an additional charge of $30 each - if we don't hear from you within 24hrs we proceed to documentation with design as is,





Minimum Order - Cycle & Tri Wear Stores

Customise Retail Garments - Add Your Logo

SprintDesign® is about premium quality, individually designed artwork, superior service and products.

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