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Leg Grips

Coolmax style, breathable fabric, anti wicking, anti-bacterial, used on cycling jerseys and tee-shirts.
Duk Corse(Race) is 135gsm
Assisting in muscle oscillation for improved performance; used in tri tops, one piece suits and Tri Knicks, also used for sun protection arm and leg coolers
Available in 2 weights, 240gsm for Arm Covers, Tri Tops and Tri Suits and 290gsm for Cycling Knicks and Skin Suits.
Fine mesh Lycra, 210gsm, fully printable.
Used for Bib Knicks braces and some Tri tops
One way stretch light winter fleece; used in cycling jackets and wind vest side panels and collars
180gsm Harder wearing woven fabric, 100% Polyester, one way stretch; used in polo shirts and tee-shirts
Square weave, light sheen, woven fabric; used on jerseys, tee-shirts, polo shirts
Wide weave 2-way stretch mesh for WindVest backs, TriSuit and TriTop pockets
Knitted lining fabric for tri tops
Professional Chamois; professional compacted, dense contoured Coolmax® chamois used for cycle knix
Tri Chamois; a light chamois used in tri knicks with the removable chamois also supplied
Removable Chamois; light sponge chamois with grips on underside, to be used in conjunction with the tri-chamois
Medium density elastic with Gel grip for longer life of product; used on all Cycle and Tri Knicks, Skin-Suits and Tri suits
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