The information on this website is not intended to constitute advice, nor is it a recommendation or an opinion that SprintDesign® services or products are suitable for or take into account, your specific objectives, financial situation or particular needs. If you purchase SprintDesign® services or products, the Terms & Conditions, this disclaimer, and your order will form your agreement with us

For all orders full payment [including freight charges] payable when placing an order. Orders will not be processed until the appropriate payment has been received and will not be shipped until paid in full.
Customers that refuse or cancel orders after SprintDesign® has received the deposit and and the goods have been produced will forfeit the 50% deposit and will be billed for the 50% balance. All goods will remain the property of SprintDesign® until paid in full. If you have paid your deposit and we have drawn up the artwork but your order has not been manufactured, then the deposit constitutes fees for services to that point
Orders are shipped via most economical available method and the freight charges are approximately 5% of your total order for non-Australian orders, unless agreed otherwise. SprintDesign® is not responsible for lost or damaged freight.
All non-Australian orders may be subject to duty and tariff charges. Please contact your country’s customs department to find out specific duty rates as they apply to your order.All non-Australian orders may be subject to duty and tariff charges. Please contact your country’s customs department to find out specific duty rates as they apply to your order.
All orders are accepted on a first-come-first-serve-basis. Please place your order early. We are busy all year and your delivery date can be affected by when we receive your order and how busy we are at that time. Delivery is subject to the current production schedule and unless a specific date has been agreed upon in writing, delivery may be delayed.
Once the artwork has been approved no design or order changes will be accepted. No exceptions.
The SprintDesign® logo will appear in at least two places on all custom garments.
We will replace or repair goods only for manufacturing defects and only within a period of 3 months from the date of delivery
All custom designed artwork remains the sole property of SprintDesign® and SprintDesign® reserves the right to re-use all custom designs after removing customers logos.

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Freight Charges

Non Australian Orders



SprintDesign Logo Placement


Ownership of Artwork

All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure any payment information used in the shopping area of this website is from authorised credit card and/or bank account holders. SprintDesign® will not be held responsible for any unauthorised use of credit card and/or bank account information, except responsibilities as specified by PayPal guidelines SprintDesign® may refuse or limit your ability to buy from this website. This may occur for a variety of reasons including suspected fraud, sudden changes in the amount or number of transactions by you, if you abuse the Service or if you are in breach the Terms & ConditionsSet out below is a summary of the Terms & Conditions applicable to the supply of services or products by SprintDesign®. The complete Terms & Conditions are set out here.

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