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SprintDesign® offers a creative design service to help clients create new, distinctive designs for their clothing. Our designers are happy to work with you to create the best look for you and your team, but to do this there are some requirements that will help to streamline the process.
*One important point to bring to your attention at this time is that if you supply us with your own design ideas, or give us detailed and specific written/drawn instructions regarding your custom design but find you don't like your ideas when they are made into a sketch, then there will be a AUD$500.00 fee for this discarded sketch; this is because SprintDesign® then need to commence a new sketch, and so effectively go through the design process twice for the same job*

We can accept files from all systems. We request that all digital files be sent to us as early as possible. The more you can do to prepare logos and digital artwork the faster we can get your job going.
  • We prefer that all files, logos and designs be created as vector art. These can be saved as Freehand®, Illustrator® EPS or IllustratorCS® files. Please make sure that fonts are converted to paths or outlines.
  • Adobe® Photoshop can also be used along with jpeg’s, tiff’s and psd’s. If you supply this type of digital file please make sure they are high quality images of at least 300 dpi at final size; a logo from a website is not sufficient. Please refer to our Acceptable & Unacceptable Artwork section for more information. Please note, we cannot accept responsibility for colour mismatch from jpeg files due to their lossy file format.
  • Go to the contact page to send artwork.
  • For larger files please contact us for a user name and password so you can post your images on to our FTP site [a very simple and easy process completed on your web browser] or mail your CD to:
    SprintDesign, PO Box 1782, Spearwood, Western Australia 6163.
  • For further information on design requirements please call us Internationally on +61 8 9434 4444 or from within Australia on 1300 650 525
  • If specific colours are required for your job please supply the PANTONE® swatch numbers and we will do our best to match this colour. PANTONE® numbers can be found in a PANTONE® Formula Guide or in a digital version HERE, the international printing, publishing and packaging colour language guide. These can be purchased from any graphic arts supplier or check out your local library for a pantone guide.
  • You should be aware that printed colours and dyed colours look different on different fabrics - particularly noticeable with black - and can be shown as different tones on different fabrics, for instance dyed black panels on lycra in nicks compared to printed black panels on cycle jerseys ... and this difference may affect your design; finished goods cannot be refused by you on this basis.
  • We use fully printable fabric on all our garments, and in the case of Lycra garments and in particular in the case of nicks, where fully printed designs are used, you will see a slight lightening of the colour when the fabric is stretched; finished goods cannot be refused by you on this basis
We accept files in the following formats:
  1. Macromedia Freehand®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Photoshop® (300dpi final size), in either Mac or PC format.
  2. Internet graphics cannot be used due to their low resolution. A logo may look OK small but when it is enlarged for professional artwork use the result is void of clarity and detail. Internet files are not acceptable for print reproduction.
  3. Microsoft Word or other desktop publishing files are incompatible with our graphic system and logos cannot be extracted from them.
  • All artwork and copyright for your custom design remain the property of SprintDesign®, who are authorised to use it freely as they see fit; any logos you supply will be removed first should SprintDesign® choose to use the artwork in any way. Copyright does not apply where the design has been supplied by you and is not altered in any way by SprintDesign®
  • Any logos or other artistic work supplied by you to be incorporated in your custom design/s are accepted by SprintDesign® and applied on the basis that you have the right to do so, whether as owner of the copyright or design, or with the permission of the owner of the copyright or design. SprintDesign® accepts no liability for unauthorised use of materials supplied by you and you will indemnify SprintDesign® against any claims or demands made against SprintDesign®, or if a claim of breach of design or breach of copyright is made in these circumstances.


Digital Files


Acceptable Formats


SprintDesign® will use up to a 5cm x 5cm display area for their logo to appear in at least two positions on on all products. All clothing designed by us will show at least these SprintDesign® logos
This information is supplied to ensure that you receive the best possible result from the logos/artwork that we are given. We appreciate your help in these matters.

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