Jackson Pollock inspired range of cyclewear

We at SprintDesign® can find no evidence to suggest that the American artist Jackson Pollock was a keen cyclist.

What our research does show however is that despite his relatively short life, he is considered to be one of the most influential American artists of the last century.
Whilst living in Long Island, New York, where he moved with his wife shortly after marriage, he began painting with his canvases laid out onto his studio floor. Pouring his paint direct from the can, he developed a technique that was later to be described as ‘drip and splash’. The technique involved the paint being manipulated with ‘sticks, trowels and knives’ immediately after pouring.
The manner in which he created his work became known as ‘action painting’. And unlike many artists before him, his work was widely recognised long before his untimely death.
Alas, he died long before we created this ‘drip and splash’ inspired range of cycle wear. So we shall never know which of the Pollocks Mixed, Pollocks Colours or Pollocks Mono designs he’d have chosen as his favourite.

There is one thing however of which we do feel fairly confident, and it is this…

Had he looked out of his studio window early one summer morning and seen a group of cyclists clad in this unique range of cycling wear, he’d have called to his wife, a wry smile on his face, and said ‘you know my dear, I think I fancy a bike ride’

If a design you like doesn’t contain the Cyclewear Garment type you require, please use the Contact Page and specify the Design Name and Cyclewear Garment Code with your request. We will endeavour to add the sketch to the design page asap.

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